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The Challenge Is #Back February 6th

MTV’s The Challenge is back for its 33rd season and it continues to be the same great, overly dramatic, yet hilarious shit show that it always has been. If you’re not someone who follows, this is how last season ended:

A LOT has happened since Ashley went scorched Earth and pulled a Bananas by taking all of the money at the end instead of splitting it with their partner. Savage, savage move by Ashley. But between the reunion, Twitter the past few weeks blowing up all over the board with Paulie and Cara Maria splitting up, Kailah/Marie/Shane/Jemmy slinging mud in the trenches, Paulie trying to troll Johnny Bananas (My Champion), we finally have the new lineup for this next season’s cast.

MTV brought back a stacked lineup from the Veterans side with 16 titles combined between them. Bringing back old vets such as Leroy, Wes, and Nany, keeping new vets Paulie and Kyle in the mix with their beef/Cara drama, and adding in complete new blood from shows such as Big Brother, American Ninja Warrior, Ex on the Beach, Geordie Shore, and Survivor means we’ll get new people into the house and new people clashing like always.

MTV has released a couple teaser trailers in the past few days to amp us up for the new season

And this which was released tonight

I’m still unsure how I feel about the “Killing Floor” name for where the challenges will be happening. I’m in between a place where I think it’s a little lame but then I slide into thinking it can be some absolute dark shit. I don’t know, but MTV has struggled the past few seasons in so many facets of the show. This last season seemed to drag on and felt like it went on for what seemed like the whole year, but that savage final move by Ashley just threw everything into wanting the next season to start. February 6th is going to be WILD. I plan on live blogging/tweeting each episode. All I know is that I can’t deal with another Lavender Ladies champion



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